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Friday, April 16, 2010

Let me remind you of why you love me.

So I've read kind of a lot lately. I just haven't told you guys.

But I'm here now. With suggestions. And thoughts.
That's why.

(Hey, I never said the reason would be good.)

And things that might come close to a review before I butcher it to little tiny book-review-bits. But it probably won't get that far, because I'm keeping these little thing-ma-jigs short. Because I don't feel like going into detail right now.


(I'm going in order of how I read them.)


Beautiful Creatures.

I really liked this one. A lot. I think Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia (the authors, silly) did an awesome job of the small town, Southern roots thing. It all really felt real. And I definitely thought the plot was original and fun, and it actually did make me keep guessing about what was going to happen next and who did what. It was fun trying to pick and choose who was evil and who wasn't, and I appreciated that things didn't turn out how I originally wanted. That makes for good stuff sometimes. (And it made me squirm for the longest time for the main characters to finally KISS ALREADY DANG IT.)

The Demon King.

Now, don't go gettin' the wrong impression from the title. Because it has nothing to do with demons. Or kings for that matter. This story is all about the queendom (hoorah!). It's told from two completely different points of views. One's from the princess and one's from a former streetlord. It pulls you in on both sides, and the end leaves you wanting more more more. Luckily, it's part of a series of books. It also has a Tamora Pierce feel; need I say more? Cinda Williams Chima did a good job with this one.

The Unwritten Rule.

Normally I fall in love with Elizabeth Scott's books, but this time dissapointed me a little. The idea (girl loves boy + boy being best friend's boyfriend = complicated) had me wanting this one bad. And I still loved the characters. But the story kind of dragged on for me. There wasn't much action; it was all mostly just Sarah (the main character) and her thoughts and feelings of guilt about liking her BFF's guy. If you're a hardcore fan, I'd still suggest it, it was still pretty good, but otherwise borrow from a friend before you buy it. Not my favorite, but I don't think I could ever say that Elizabeth Scott's novels are bad.

The Six Rules of Maybe.

Oh jeez. I loved this. Deb Caletti created another wonderful tale, and it makes me smile each time I even think about it. It'll make you alternate between hating and loving practically everyone in the story, which, if you ask me, is something made of awesome. And I'm pretty sure I cried a little bit when it hit a certain point. Crying is major good points too. Definitely, definitely suggest it. This one is on my favorites list from Ms. Caletti.

Before I Fall.

OH MY GOSH. READ IT. I am in love with this book on every level possible. I'll warn you: at some points the story does get a tad depressing. But it's about a girl reliving her dying day over and over. It's obviously going to get sad at points. It has plenty of humor to lighten the mood, though, so I wouldn't worry about that. I was totally confused throughout the whole book. Not because it was confusing, but because what I thought I wanted to happen always turned out weird or not what I expected. Everything was all twisted around and I loved it. Lauren Oliver does an amazing job with navigating the real high school life, too, and this is one that I'll for sure appreciate every time I pick it up. It's gotten blurbs from Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler for good reason.


And those are it for now. (Feel free to comment if you want more info on a certain book.) I'm looking for something else new to read now; any suggestions? Thanks!

(While you ponder that, you should totally listen to this song. It is made of amazing and I've been a tad obsessed with it lately. It's called 'Into Your Arms' and it's by The Maine. Very awesome.)
(Also, have you noticed my love for parentheses?)

Isn't he drool worthy? Um, YES PLEASE.


Maddie said...

I do love you dearly Maggs. I don't need reminding;) Oh and the marine dude....YES PLEASE!:p He has a beautiful....voice! "bet you didn't expect that." Hehe. The books sound very amazing as well. I just got like 7 free books from sam and my English teacher.(That was improper grammar yes it was) I feel mucho greedy....all well it's books that are free....can you really blame me? I'll add those you mentioned to my list. :)(I used alot of smileys and this comment if you didn't notice)

Sam said...

Dude. You have AMAZING taste in music. I nowblove/need that song. Seriously.
And I want to read before I fall. Just saying.

Dani said...


And omigosh you read Before I Fall? Squeee, isn't it AMAZING? That was my obsession all through Spring break. I absolutely loved it, and apparently the authour has a new book coming out really soon, so I'm super excited about that too. :)


Maggie said...

Maddie: Wasn't he adorable? John something. I don't remember his last name. Haha, I love free books! And smileys are amazing. :D

Sam: I've been obsessed with that song. I'm driving everyone insane, according to dad. And I shall try to remember to bring it tomorrow!

Dani: YES. I loved it. A lot. And a new book?! I've got to go stalk Lauren Oliver's site now...

--Thanks guys!