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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maturity is good people!

So I'm a tad addicted to Twitter. My followers know that. I'm sure all the authors I tweet to know that. Anyone that's visited my page, knows that. I'm also a big fan of following authors (aka author stalking). So I jump at any links they tweet to.

One of them tweeted a link to a blogger who's been querying. I'm not going to mention the author or the blogger for privacy purposes. But when I read the post... wow. It was pretty much insane. :/

Now, although I'm not querying any time soon, Sam is. So I somewhat know the business of rejections and requests and the like. I don't think this girl did though. Her whole post was one long rant about how every agent is just not considering to people. She said that agents were just a bunch of (insert badbadbad name here) and that they're no use to the writing industry.

I just sat there, staring slack-jawed at the screen.

This person actually followed to name all the agents that have rejected her and why they're not worth your time/why they're terrible.

I just... I don't get it. I understand that being rejected is upsetting, but seriously? To publically out some of the best agents out there?

To be rejected is normal. Not every agent out there is for you; half of them aren't interested in your genre. Half of them just aren't feeling your story. And the other half (oh... I guess that makes one and a half now? oh, who cares) know that you're story could use some work. But this girl actually thought that all of them were out to get her. That they don't understand what good writing is.

That's the thing though. They do.

Which is why there are rejections.

You should take them in stride. Edit and draft and change things until you can make your story the best it can be. Take your time to find agents for your genre. Learn from the rejections.

Just please, for the sake of the little sanity I have, DON'T go bashing the writing industry. All that does is cause other people to want to bash you for acting so poorly. Maturity, believe it or not, is highly looked upon! Let's try some out, shall we?

And now that I'm finished with my semirant, and have efficiently annoyed you, I have to go. Avatar (aka the movie that makes my life worth living) came out today and it's calling my name.

Oh, how I wish I were blue...


Maddie said...

I totally agree. They are there for the purpose of only sending THE BEST literature out into the world for us book worms. I personally think that being critical of writing is a necessity evil...I don't want to waste my time with boring or poor written books.

Maggie said...

Exactly. I for one would like to have something interesting to read. :)

Sam said...

I think part of the horrifying element is in the fact that she's actually getting responses--positive ones. Like, full requests and such.
Obviously she's not a bad writer if that's happening, but come on. There's such a thing as class.