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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The voices in my head won't shut up.

Hello. How are you? (Fine, thank you.) How nice. Has your day been well? (Why yes, it has. I just caught my very own pet dragon. It's black and it shimmers.) That's marvelous! I hope it's trained... (Yes, indeed. It's very much the gentleman when it needs to see to it's duties.) Heh heh--I bet. Ahem. What's it's name? (It comes to the name of Alfonzo. It's short for ShimmerSparkleShine.)

Well. You see that sort-of conversation between two...nothings? That's me. All the time.

I don't know how many chats I have with imaginary people throughout my day, but it's very often several. And no--I'm not crazy. (Well, sometimes I... nevermind.) It's just that my characters are always talking to me. They whisper their evil plans when I'm trying to work, and sometimes make me snicker in the middle of class. They also complain about each other: they tell me that so-and-so's cockiness is not something they like being around, and the way so-and-so shoves her bangs out of her face makes them want to do it for her. They're also very self-rightous and fight each other for the spot of being my favorite. They're very needy fake-people, to tell you the truth.

But if I wasn't thinking about my characters all the time, I would never get anything done. I would be bored and upset and quite cranky. (More than I usually am, anyway.) I'd lose interest in their lives, and eventually the story would just be set aside to make room for new, more exciting characters. And if that were the case, I'd never be able to finish anything. But the talks that I do have can take me a long way. Just one short chat can spark a series of events. Those series of events will eventually lead to a main plot point. And when I finish plot points I get all giddy inside and email Sam for further thinking. It's a cycle; one that keeps me going.

So maybe I gets strange stares when I'm supposed to be taking my History test. Maybe people tend to scoot a few feet away when I'm muttering about the dos and don'ts of an idea. Maybe I might come across as a tiny--tiny--bit insane sometimes. But don't most creative people? I wouldn't necissarily say I'm creative, per se, but you've got to have something going on under the pretty hair to be able to form thoughts into words into stories, correct? (Correct.)

What do you tend to do when you're learning about your characters and figuring out important details to important points? Do you discuss it with your characters? Or are you somewhat normal and plot things out on how you'd like them to be; the story to be? (I would go insane trying to plan things like that, but I can totally understand why others would want to.)

What's your way of doing things? Comment and share! :)


Kendra Logan said...

Awesome, awesome post! I agree. My characters make me laugh out loud sometimes, too XD


Sam said...

I want one. :P
And these characters speak to you? Mine don't. :( How do I make them? I mean, occasionally, something will pop out at me...but I need more of this book inspired schizophrenia...

Lydia Kang said...

Characters don't speak to me, per se, but I see scenes and hear conversations when I'm thick into writing my WIP.
Nice post, thanx!

Maggie said...

Kendra: Thanks! I just get so amused at how random I can make my characters' conversations sometimes.

Sam: I want one too! I had How to Train Your Dragon on my mind, so I just sort of threw it in there. Mine's more like I start losing interest in whatever I'm doing and drift into my story. I just continue where I left off in writing and then, sometimes when I'm delirious, I find it fun to imagine the characters talking to me. :P
-shrugs- I blame the craziness on school stress.

Lydia: Haha, I don't even have to be writing in order to see and hear my characters. As long as I'm thinking about my story, they tend to just appear. ;)

Maddie said...

I see the story in my head, like see it, see the characters walking around and going to school and whatnot. Only if I've stuck with a story for a reaaallly long time do the characters start talking to me.

But there is a voice in my head and it speaks in a British accent and narrates everything I do, does that count?

Maggie said...

Haha. I never get anything done most of the time, so my stories are usually stuck in the same place for quite a while. I stay with the characters and what should be happening, but half the time I'm too lazy to actually act on anything.

And yes, I believe that should count. British voices should always count, no matter what you're talking about. They're just important that way. :P