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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Y'all know how I lie a lot, right?

Right. I'm not very good on keeping my word when it comes to updating regularly, and sometimes I fib and say that I left my homework in my car so I can get an extra few hours (or day) to get it finished. It's what I do. I am a liar. I lie. Lielielie. It makes me feel like a terrible person (sometimes).


I am telling you ten truths about myself! I was tagged by Sam to tell you so, and am being told that I must tag three others to do the same. I shall get to you all at the end, dear Truth Tellers.

I am deathly afraid of spiders. Seriously. Even if the spider is the size of like, a speck, I will scream and jump around and scream some more until someone comes out and kills it with a shoe. But they can't use my shoe. Spider guts. Gross.

I am very fond of books. It will be an insanely rare day that I don't have at least two taking up all the room I have in my purse. Which annoys my purse, I'm sure, but I love them more than it. Sorry purse, I still appreciate that you hold my crap.

On the subject of books, book boys make me swoon. I would KILL for even one of them to be real. I also have a hard time deciding who my favorite book boy is. They alternate. They also kind of make me want to make out with my books. But, since kissing paper won't make them come to life, I will have to do with drooling all over the pages in my acts of fan!girl. I'm actually just very fond of boys all together. (My future husband is Taylor Lautner, after all.)

Animals make my life. No joke. I love them to death. Which tends to frighten my mother when I start cuddling the dogs that wander by our house. However, my dog Ginger was found this way. And she is very much not a threat. Actually, Ginger wouldn't leave the house. We went away for the weekend the day after she came around, and when we got back home that Monday morning, she was sleeping on the porch chairs. I have a weakness for all animals.

I procrastinate like no other. (Ahem, hellooo excuses.) This results in lots of stress most of the time. I'm just sort of doomed with perpetual laziness.

Writing is my favorite pasttime, next to reading. I'm always starting new projects and love watching my characters come to life.

My first name was my grandmother's. My dad says I'm a lot like she was. I'm assuming she was an awesomely amazing woman. :)

Purple is da bomb diggety of all colors, yo.

I am not particularly girly. I don't wear makeup (gasp!) and I like to call my hair stylishly messy. Like the cute bed head. (Or... not.) I own two dresses, and you have to fight me to wear them. I love dresses. Just not on me. -shrugs- I can't deny my love for sparkly things though! (Not on my clothes; just in general.)

Music is like a lifeline for me. I'm pretty sure I would die without it. For realzz.


I'm terrible at coming up with interesting truth/fact things about myself. I apologize. *hangs head in shame*

And so I tag Dani and Maddie (because they are awesome friends), as well as Lydia Kang (because she has been an awesome new commenter to the blog, and I appreciate that). Get to it, guys!


Sam said...

-and i'm the first commenter. SCORE-
Haha, you crack me up. :P
Books are amazing.
Boy are amazing.
That's pretty much it.

Maddie said...

I genuinely love love love being tagged in things so thank you, I shall post this to my blog tomorrow :)
Interestingly enough, I'm opposite of you when it comes to dresses. I'd totally go all Marie Antoinette and wear 18th century dresses all the time if I could find one.

Lydia Kang said...

ooh, thank you for the tag! shweet.
oh, and i am totally an arachnophobe too. eight legs is WAY TOO MANY for my comfort level.

Maddie said...

AH! THERE IS ANOTHER DOUBLE D MADDIE! *GASP* That's a first in my life time! Oh Well Sam tagged me(whatever that means) so I suppose I'm writing regardless. Maddie-lyn sends love to maggie-lyn. (yes I did in fact add lyn to are names. Don't judge.)

Maggie said...

Sam: Haha, they are amazing huh? :)

Maddie: 18th century dresse. are a whole different story. Those I would wear. Well, until they got too heavy or I got too hot or... nevermind. Haha. BTW, your dress to the dance was vair vair pretty!

Lydia: THANK YOU. Everyone says I freak out too much, but they are absolutely disgusting. Ugh-- hate spiders.

Maddie: Are you insane? I have never met a Maddie without 2 Ds. And I've met several Maddies. (I think you're going crazy...) And being tagged means that you have to do what the post says. In this case you'd be telling ten truths about yourself. Maggie (no lyn) sends love back. :)