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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Inkpop Love

You know how I told you me and Sam were writing together? That it was about Sirens and it was awesome and it would make you squeal with delight?

Wait, no?
I didn't mention the last part?
Well, it will totally make you squeal with delight.

It's called Sing To Me and it can be found on a joint account Sam and I made on inkpop. It's pretty awesome; I'm not gonna lie. ;)

(If you want me to post the synopsis, just say so. Or click the link. It'll be there too. Either way, be sure to check it out!)


Sam said...

It's in the top 1000.

Sam said...

(thank you, Maggie. :P)
It really does need better cover, though. It looks kinda drab compared to the others...

Maggie said...


Ahem. Well, uh, it'll probably look better once we have the title added on. And if that doesn't work, we go picture searching. Again. :P

Sam said...

Well, I'm putting you on cover search. I just don't have the talent.

Evie J said...

Just read the first chapter!!! It's great work and it'll be on my picks as soon as I can rotate! :)

Sam said...

Hi Evie! :P
(Yes, Maggie. I am lurking on your blog. That's just how I roll.)
Thank you, Evie.
(I am now done lurking. Farewell.)

Maggie said...

Thanks Evie! I appreciate your support :)

I lurk yours too, Sam. I just do it in a silent and creepy way. *shifty eyes*