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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've turned into the opposite of a cougar. Also, we talk about series.

What are those called? Not series, the other thing. Do they have a name? A girl who has a crush on a dude way older than her.

Whatever the name is, I'm one.

These last few days I've been in "Rocklahoma" building a huge headache, gawking at all the old men in leather pants (these are not the cute ones), and redeveloping a crush on Jude Law (this is the cute one).

(For serious. There's this scene in Repo Man where he's kicking some major booty and I'm just like... dang. You're old, but hot. Yay old hot guys!)
(Okay, so he isn't that old, but I'm only sixteen. Keep that in mind.)
(Actually, don't. Age is but a number, right?) *
(Wow. I've got a bad case of the rambles lately. I apologize.)

During that time, I was able to read Spells and Radiant Shadows, which filled my faery void. I would review these, but I'm not very fond of reviewing books that are a part of a series. (However, I can tell you they were both very good and I loved them. Mhmm.)

Which brings in the fact that I was going to review Spirit Bound, but, hah, believe me. That is not a review. It's a retelling of the story in my mind, and has nothing to do with the writing. Just the events. It's also spoiler ridden and seriously long. I'm still debating on posting it or not; you should comment and tell me if you're interested in my thoughts on the book.

Anyways, to continue my earlier thoughts, I'm about halfway through another book of a series, and I'm thinking about abandoning it for a few days and starting something new. It's just kind of dragging so far and I'm hoping a few days off of reading it will refresh my once love of the books.

That brings us to today's topic. Even though I've got a post's worth of writing already. But we'll pretend that isn't there. Because this is my blog and I have rules (that are often changing, mind you, which is okay because, duh, I just told you this is my blog and I AM A DICTATOR) and I'm allowed to create them and you're allowed to follow them.

Series. How do you feel about them?

Do you get a bubbly feeling deep inside when you realize that you have more time with your characters? Or do you sigh, and whine a little bit, and maybe even do a little foot stomp thing, when you realize this perfect ending will be ruined? I think I do a little mixture of both, depending on the book.

There's also the fact that, jeez, series are long sometimes! You usually have at least one book where you just lose interest, because it's a middle book. Nothing happens, not really, but it's setting up for later ones that'll be filled with AWESOME and AMAZING and KISSING. Ahem. (More of the first two, usually, than the last though...)

Don't get me wrong, series can be made of some serious goodness. They very often keep you interested, and like I said, it's definitely nice to be able to spend more time with some of your favorite characters. An example of this is Linger, which I've talked about a trillion and two times in the past. I'm completely and insanely excited for this book, even though I thought the perfect ending of Shiver was, well, perfect. Some books you just fall in love with and no matter the outcome of sequels, you still and always will have that love.

But for me, after so many books, I just start losing interest. There are far too many plot twists and changing opinions and new characters for me to stay in the book and be satisfied. Maybe I'm just insanely weird and spending too much time obsessing over boys and bad television to appreciate what the authors are trying to create, but that's just how I feel.

There're honestly very, very few series where I have to take breaks. Most I still hold a deep, passionate love for everything they're about. I'm just saying, there are so many different ways for them to bother a person. Length, plot twists, outcomes, new characters that are suddenly taking leads, the death of an old character that you absolutely positively loved. And then there're the reasons to like them, some of which can be used on the bad list too. Your lovecharacters, new exciting events, developing romances, "Oh, that's why this was mentioned before!" moments, general love of an authors writing.

It's a complete mixture, I'm not gonna lie. And it changes and fluctuates depending on the reader. There isn't a wrong or right series to like, or wrong or right reason for why you should or shouldn't want to read that series. It really does all matter on how close you are to a book. I tend to develop passionate love affairs with my books, so at every turn of events I'm sent bawling or laughing hysterically. With this, I also have the problem of loving books more than they deserve to be sometimes.

But that's all on me.

I want to know how you feel about series. What do you like or dislike about them? Are there any you'd recommend? Comment and tell me what you think!

* So really I just felt like randomly adding that in there. That way everyone knows that if they have a hot older guy friend, they should totally leave said guy's number in the comments.**
** Just kidding, guys. I'm not that big of a creeper.
*** I've got to stop adding in things that'll make you all quit reading my blog. Please don't abandon me. It's just an innocent, teenage thing. I joke and kid and say I like guys like Jude Law. It means nothing. My heart still belongs to Taylor. We have a forever relationship.
**** You're probably annoyed with these now, but I'd just like to say sorry for this post being so confusing. If you don't understand what I'm trying to say, don't feel bad. It's late and I'm not feeling very smart.


~Niki~ said...

Just hoppin' by to say HI from Crazy 4 books hop! :)
~niki in az

Aspen said...

I agree with most of what you said. But there are very few series that I've gotten bored of. Mostly because I don't tend to get caught in extremely long series, I stick to trilogies if possible. Harry Potter of course I never got tired of (you had a good paragraph about the attributes that could make you bored, HP had every one of those except GOOD ones) but then again I started reading the House of Night series book 1 and it didn't captivate me after the first couple of chapters, and knowing that there are like what, 6 or 7 books AFTER that one that wasn't even that fun to begin with, I stopped. And I've been stuck on Specials by Scott Westerfeld since December, reading probably 5 books in between and all my schoolbooks...

But besides all that, I love series. I really haven't found a book in a series that ends "perfectly", unless it's the last book. From the first book to the second last, no matter how long the series is, I always think that there's something missing and I absolutely NEED to hear more. And I of course love, love, love spending more time with my favorite characters.

I also love all the possibilities that come with series writing, and I don't think the Trilogy Syndrome that is taking over the YA world these days is a bad thing. You can for example, have different "themes" in each book, having one extraordinarily dark, and another extraordinarily fluffy. You know what I mean?

OK, I'm gonna stop now before I add a whole other blog post to your already-lenghty (but fun, I love long posts!) post.

Have fun with Jude, I won't tell Taylor ;)

Kelly Bryson said...

I love Jude Law, but I'm, old enough that it's not creepy and my husband is okay with it. Yes, I'm that old. Be careful or it might happen to you, too.

I wandered over from your post on Kiersten White, and don't we all love her?

I've been reading a series just like you describe. Great first book, other books are good, but I should have just stopped at the first one. And the ending REALLY bothered me because the whole romance part had to end badly so that book two would start with some tension. Blech.