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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello, my name is Maggie and I'm a cover hoor.

I won't lie to you. I tend to be one of those dreaded people who throw themselves at pretty covered books. It's a sad fact that sometimes, even if I've been planning on buying a certain book for weeks, I'll put it down in place of something prettier. Brighter. More colorful.

Or, depending on my mood, darker. Creeptastic. Emotional.

I'm just a sucker for book covers.

I can't help it though. It's a curse; a burden. I know it's not a good thing, I mean, there's even that whole saying involving it--Don't judge a book by it's cover. But I just can't help it! It's not even that I'm judging covers, it's more that I'm just drawn to certain covers. It's like a special super secret tribal calling gets emitted from the front and I'm naturally sent reaching for it. Bloody little things, those covers.

Sam and I were just talking about this the other day actually, while we were waiting in the car dodging this crazy weird evil jumping bug. (No, seriously, this bug WAS LIKE A MINI KANGAROO) She was talking how she was reading a post by some esteemed person who was complaining about teens not picking covers with different genders and races and species and stuff like alien bugs. But we got to thinking... we don't do that.

I know it's crazy to think about, but I promise we don't avoid books just because someone who doesn't look like us is on it. I, for one, am especially fond of covers with alien bugs, and I promise I'm not a bug. If I was I would've asked the one in the car how s/he could jump so flipping high.

I'll enjoy the book just as much either way. We both agreed that we don't care who is on a cover, but how the cover appeals to us. If the cover is bright and colorful and sparkly, then by gosh I'll pick it up. It's about the layout and the design. I could care less about the people, to be honest. So I have argue with this person, because what whoever it was wrote is not always true. I don't doubt some people care, because we're talking real world here, but I know for a fact that most really don't. Is it fun to have someone who kindasortamaybe looks like you or the character on the cover? Sure, why not! But that really doesn't factor into my decision on what to buy.

It's all about the prettiness, people, the neatness or messiness or whatever appeals to a certain reader. What I'm drawn to isn't always what Sam is drawn to, or the kid down the block (if I lived on a block, that is) is drawn to. So I really don't think you can say those type of things and make them out for fact, because it's really not all that true. Every cover is beautiful, if you ask me, no matter who or what is on it, because under that cover is a book, a story that has been loved and appreciated by others enough to be published and put on shelves and sent home to be read by the mass. And every cover is quite pretty too; they didn't just magically appear. They were designed and chosen for a reason.

So yeah, I'm a cover hoor, and I'll freely admit it. But it's the story I'm interested in, not the people or pictures that are printed on it.

(Well, unless there's a really cute guy on the front, in which case I'm sure these raging teenage hormones that everyone talks about will kick in and I'll attack it. In a good way.)

How do you feel about covers? Do you (*cough* accidentally *cough*) tend to go towards the pretty covers, or are you... a better person than me? Haha, explain in the comments!


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I'm a librarian and I still judge books by the cover-if a cover is pretty, I'll admit, I'm more likely to pick it up. Or if is unique and catches my eye. But I've gotten much better about not only going for the cover and reading about the book too and reading books with ugly covers!

Liam said...

That would be moi, merci.
I love the people who say not to judge a book by its cover. I then inform them that if a book is good enough, the publisher will (most likely) threaten the design team to make it super pretty. Mostly.

I like really simplistic covers, but then again, I love the uber-complex ones with epic hidden meanings and crap.


Sam said...

Ooh, I like Liam's point of view. I'd never really considered it that way, but that is true.
(That bug was really freaking evil.)
It's annoying, because when you admit to judging a cover, then the connotation, I suppose, could mean you judge the ethnicity. But it so cheapens the reader to blame the fact that the book may not be selling amazingly because of the ethnicity. Who cares? If Paranormalcy had an Asian girl on the cover, I would still think it was cool. (Uh, hello, Silver Phoenix anyone? Melting Stones? Both have done really well and guess what? Both have ETHNIC covers.)Bleck. It just aggravates me that the people who are supposed to UNDERSTAND teens the best, who write for teens, think we're too racist/close minded/stupid to refuse reading anything with a cover who represents someone other than myself.
I'll read books about blondes. I'll read books about brunettes. I'll read books about short people. (:P) I'll read books about queens and kings and wizards and ninjas and talking cats, so how on earth can you say I won't read books about people other than myself?
...Oops. Rant over. Sorry. Ahem.
I agree to the pretty boy thing, though. (Cassandra Clare's foreign covers? Yuuum.)

Maggie said...

Sarah: Haha, you have secret librarian powers that I have yet to gain. I try to look at the ugly covered books, but it's hard. I'm just a bad person. Sigh.

Liam: That is true, most of the time. If a story is good enough, and an agent/editor love it enough, they'll for sure try to make the cover as appealing as possible. (You like the same covers as me. Yay us.)

Sam: I think your comment is longer than my post, and I'm loving it. :P I agree with eveyrhting you said, and it irritates me too sometimes. People are strange. (BTW, yumm indeed.)

Sam said...

Nah. My comment is like, half the length of the post. :P