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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sea (by Heidi R. Kling)

About the Book:
Still haunted by nightmares of her mother's death, fifteen-year-old Sienna Jones reluctantly travels to post-tsunami Indonesia with her father's relief team to help tsunami orphans with their post-tramatic stress disorder. But the last thing she expects is to fall for Deni, a brooding and handsome Indonesian boy who lives at the orphanage.

My Thoughts:
Wow, Heidi Kling's writing is POWERFUL.

I swear, I just keep finding books that I'm falling in love with. There's one for certain way to win me over completely with a book, and that is to make me cry. Now, I won't lie, I am a sap when it comes to books. But when you make me cry three times? Especially at least once in happiness? You got me; I'm hooked and forever yours. Sea was one of these books.

The story starts out the morning of Sienna's (no longer Sea, since the death of her mother) fifteenth birthday. As if she wasn't already freaked out by her reoccuring nightmares, she quickly learns that her dad has gotten her a plane ticket to Indonesia to help out with the PTSD of tsunami survivor orphans. The twist on this situation is that Sienna's mother's plane dissapeared over the ocean three years earlier, and she is deathly afraid to agree and ride the plane to Indo.

This, starting off, was slightly slow for me. I was hoping for a slightly more exciting entrance into the story. However, I was seriously fast at getting over this when I realized that the story is very real. Sienna is sad and confused, she never found out what exactly happened to her mother, she still has friends, but feels a tad lost; Spider, her sort-of ex-crush is suddenly there again. And she wants to help the kids, but planes now scare the crap out of her. But of course she goes, and the trip just reinforces her total fear of flight. Sienna starts off rough, that's for dang sure.

The real story starts, though, when we get to the orphanage. She and Team Hope--consisting of Sienna, her dad, uncle and Vera, her current enemy after going to her in therapy, and the flirting she does with Sienna's father--are thrown into the post-lives of Indonesian tsunami orphans. I found all of this amazing and sweet. Everything was explained in the simplest, but most beautiful detail. The customs and story of the children are sad and happy and amazing. Sienna was originally sent along in the first place to help the younger girls deal with all the stuff going on around them, and it was awesome seeing our quiet main character start to grow into herself with the kids.

But that's not all she loves at the orphanage! Oh no. There's Deni, who for some reason I cannot even fathom--he's described as good-looking, but holy freaking giraffe!--I am in complete love with. He's literally like, the hottest and sweetest love interest of all time. Ahem. Anyways, enter Deni, the trouble-maker of the place. He's full of heart, and love for the kids, and Sienna falls head over heals for him the moment he plays that welcoming drum for her group.

I know what you're thinking, she really loves him that fast? That's annoying. BUT IT ISN'T I PROMISE. Their relationship is developed in small, but deliberate bursts. And Kling does an amazing job of pulling you in with them. Deni helps show Sienna that it's okay to be sad, to be afraid, to be happy. It's a quick romance--Team Hope is actually only in Indo for two weeks--but a powerful one, and this love brings Sienna to do things that will both help and hurt her.

There's a major twist that I should have been expecting, but was still surprised to find. It brings you back to the real world, where you're never sure what's to come, or why they do, but that you can work through them. I was for sure dissapointed in this twist, but also weirdly appreciative of it. Although the very end is a tad rushed, and I wasn't completely agreeing with it, I think it brought the story to a happy, insightful, and content closure.

There are many things left unanswered, which leave you more than curious, but I was very much satisfied with the book as a whole, Especially the writing and flow and prettyfullness (it's a word, okay?) of the words. Yeah, very, very, very satisfied. So you should read it. No, seriously, READ IT. It'll be a fave!


gina said...

This book looks really good! I think I might go check it out!

Maggie said...

You definitely should, Gina! It's amazing. Like, seriously, it's one of my new favorites, I think. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it this time!

Sam said...

Amazing. Wonderful. PRETTY. (Pretty cover doesn't match though. :/ )

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh my gosh--the good books keep rolling in! Haven't read this one yet, but I can't wait!