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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Books and shelves and friends! Oh man.

I'm really bored, and it's 7:18 AM right this very moment and I HAVE YET TO SLEEP.*

*chugs various caffeinated drinks*

So I'm trying to come up with a blog post on the spot. By now you've noticed I'm not a very thought out person, and I rarely think about things in the future unless I absolutely have to. However, I can't make things sound smart in the moment either. Especially on lack of the precious, precious thing we call Sleep. Even though I'm constantly without sleep. But that doesn't matter. BACK ON TRACK GAHH.

Let's talk about Books and the things that hold them, otherwise known as Bookshelves.

(Look at that baby! It's a staircase made entirely of books. Whoa.)

A friend of mine has always said you can judge a person by their bookshelves. Of course, I was confused, because wasn't it supposed to be, you know, books that people were judged by? I asked her this.

"Sure," she said. "But it's how they hold and take care of them that matter."

"But why does that matter?" Little Me asked, annoyed.

"It just does."


"Hush. Wait--Jesus, Maggie, did you use my perfume?"

Suffice to say, I had used her perfume. Most of the bottle. It smelled quite nice, if you were wondering.

Sometime in that visit with her, she went on to talk about how you could tell if a person was messy or clean, adventurous or uptight, thoughtful or fact-filled, just by looking at how they cared for their books. Once I got to thinking about it, I kind of agreed. I've kind of disagreed too. But I've always thought it shows how a person wants to be, not how s/he actually is. I mean, sure, they can still be how they want to be, but that isn't the point.

Say you walk into your best friend's room. She's got loads of books. They line the walls in shelves that reach the ceiling. After ogling and realizing that this friend might make a good profit at renting out her books for money, you notice that all of the titles and authors there are fantasy. Well, this friend is the most straight-forward, down-to-earth, and normal person that you've ever met. And you can see that by the way her shelves are neat and alphabatized. But you can also see that, hey nelly, this girl is not what she's reading.

So you sit down and pull out a title you know, strike up a conversation. Her face practically turns purple from lack of oxygen intake, she's talking so fast. And you realize that she likes it. She wants it. She would go crazy if something like that were to happen in real life; she'd be in heaven. And you take a small look into who she really is.

Wow. Do I sound deep there or what?

But it's true. Between the shelving and genre, you have a fair knowledge on how she sees things. Sorta.

Take just the opposite. Say someone has a ton of biographies and textbooks and all that boring stuff. (No offense to people who like these. I just need some drama to keep me entertained.) You'd think they would be what that girl was. They would be neat and tidy and make you take off your shoes before entering their room. But instead, they have their books thrown everywhere. There isn't even a box to hold them. From this person you learn that even though they read uptight books, they're more relatable. And maybe they love their books in a I Will Read It Every Day Until The End Of Time way. Or maybe the person is one to raise hell all the time. Maybe that crazy person is showing that they're more serious than you thought.

What I'm trying to say in these weird and confusing groups of words, is that while my friend was right in some ways. She was also kind of wrong. You can't completely judge a person on their shelves alone, or their books alone, or them alone. It takes all three to break through and get something worth noticing. And even though she was part right, she was wrong.

Um, just don't tell her I said that.

Yeah. So, did this post even make sense? Because I'm confused and I'm the one that wrote it. And I think I rambled more than I got my point across. -headdesk- I NEED TEA. AND COFFEE. AND YOUR COMMENTS.

Then I will be happy.

What do you think? Do books or their holdings mean anything? Do you make your books your stairs? Seriously, if you do then you should send me pictures. I'm just sayin'.

*I stayed up for very important reasons, of course. Like making my blog pretty. See? Isn't it nice? Ish? Maybe just a little? Lie if it's not.


Janet Johnson said...

I get kindof giddy when I'm sleep deprived, too. ;)

I LOVE the stairway book case. MUST have them!

Sam said...

I like this post. :P A lot.
And I approve of stealing perfume. Just saying.
I'm now wondering my bookshelf says about me. -eyes the mess of books-
I see . . . 'The Demon King, Fang, Forever Princess, City of Ashes, and Lies My Teacher Told Me.'
...So obviously, this means I am insane.

Sleepy Kitty said...

I agree with you. It is a combination of the books, the shelving and the person that makes it interesting.

I love the bookcase-stairs (bookstairs?) however living in a flat might prevent that from happening ;)

My own bookcase is funny. I have a room lined with them with my favourite books from growing up and my more recent obsessions. I think you could actual tell a lot about me from my bookshelves. Might also get some raised eyebrows from them too!

P.S. Can't wait for NaNoWriMo to start!

Maggie said...

Janet: Isn't it awesome? People would have to take off their shoes before they stepped on it though. And hah, I'm insane. Excuse the weirdness. :)

Sam: We can be insane together! Yip! Her perfume was amazing, by the way. I never did pay attention to the name though. Sadness.

Sleepy Kitty: You could make one of those staircases that never really go up. But that would be difficult. And probably not have the same effect. But still. And I think it would! Even tells a little about your past. :) I'm excited too! I haven't participated before, but I'm anxious to try it.

LeeLee said...

Yes, your post is very pretty.
I LOVE the bookstaircase.
I have a book shelf. And then I have a book drawer. And a book cupboard. And a stack of books on my nightstand, and another on my windowsill, and another on my desk, and I have a box of books under my bed. What does this say about me? My parents are too cheap to buy me another bookshelf, and I don't have a job, but I did have an empty drawer in my dresser and a box left over from moving and a cupboard attached to my desk.

Maggie said...

LeeLee: Thank you. I may be in love with you do to your amazing case of funny. :D