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Friday, July 16, 2010

Writing sucks sometimes.

I literally have not written in any of my WIPs in weeks. Not Zombie Nom Nom. Not Captivate. Not that other Side Project that is a total of four pages long. Nothing. And it truly isn't that I don't want to, or that I don't know where I'm going, because I do. Zombie even has a rough (really, really rough) outline. And Captivate, even though I'm completely clueless on what I want to come next, I at least know an idea of where I'm going. But I simply cannot write. It won't come.

And even when it does come, I only get about a page, and most of it is crap.

So, this is usually where I email Sam with my whines and KILL ME NOWs and burning jealousy because SHE doesn't have DAYS where she CANT WRITE. However, instead I have a song.

Because music makes my world go 'round.

So do my dogs, but mostly they just step on the laptop and make words like hgshajaaaaaaaaoebfhskllkshaveusj.

(Although they take after my creativity, they are no use to these particular stories that I'm writing in English.) (They will be big author stars to the aliens.) (I'm very proud.)

Anyways, I really think this song has helped with my horrid writer's block. Because, seriously, why am I letting it stop me from writing? Does it matter if it's crap? As long as I get something down, I can always edit and change. As long as I make progress, I'll be able to better it later, but I'll have the chance to get somewhere where I'm not so completely stuck.

So yeah, this song goes to you, Writer's Block. I never gave you permission to keep me from doing what I do. Who made you "King of Anything"?

(King of Anything; Sara Bareilles)

What do you do to defeat the wretched Writer's Block O' Doom?

Have a good weekend, everyone!!


gae polisner said...

Hey, Maggie,

Just checking out your blog. It's very nice, though I have questions... like why The Juniper Breeze...? Yeah, I'm curious like that. I love the name, I just wanna know. Also, I've been having a month of writer's block like that too, and for me, it's always the water and swimming that will bring a creative idea to me - it's the combination of the altered state one is in underwater, and the endorphins, I think. At any rate, when all else fails, i dive in.

Sam said...

I like this post.
There is no need for burning jealousy. See, my writing stinks when I force it. It stinks bad. There are days where I shouldn't write, but I make myself because otherwise I would never finish the freaking rewrites.
It's like you said. You just can't give the block the power. -nods powerfully-

Maggie said...

Gae: Oh, thanks for stopping by! -embarrassed- Well, this used to just be a blog about my life. And I never figured anyone would be reading it, and I couldn't figure out a name... so I looked at my lotion. Tada! My blog is born!

I'm aware it's very lame and not very book/writing blog-y. I've actually been thinking about changing it. I have no clue what though.

Swimming! I can totally see how that could help. I have a pool, and I always like to go swim to relax. :)

Sam: -facepalm- That's the point--you still write. I can't decide if I'm just lazy or what, 'cause I can't even get far enough to do the writing. Maybe I should come over and stare at you while you work, to see what I'm doing wrong. -nods- That's an option...

Meika said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say you have great taste in music. LOVE King of Anything :)

Sam said...

Maggie: ...if you want to sit and stare at me write, go ahead. You will see me glaring at the screen, chewing absently on my nails, and then turn text my hatred for the world. But wait! I won't have to text it! I can just tell you!
And then we'll talk about boys and sparkles and-
and then I'll hit my head repeatedly on the desk and remind myself I should probably finish the stupid chapter.

Maggie said...

Meika: Oh, yay, I love people who stumble here :D And thanks; it's an amazing song right? (Your name is very pretty, by the way!)

Sam: I would very much like to see this process. Especially the head banging part.

Sam said...

Maggie: You are no longer my friend. You are the mean person who wants me to get a head injury.