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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Besides writing WHAT?

I know it's hard to believe, but I have a life other than the blog. WHOA--I KNOW. CRAZY.

But I do. Most of the time. I write, and I read, and I do blog stalking and obsess over the publishing world. But I do other things to.

For example, were you aware that I draw? Yeah. I do. Sorta. I have a sketchbook which is okay, honestly, never used, but I have one. And I have an easle. (Is that how you spell it?) My talents are more in the sketching/drawing department, but when I work at it, I can paint a decent picture as well.

I also go to the movies (who saw Inception? I saw it a coupla weeks ago, but dang, did it mess with my head.), and hang out with friends, and play with my dogs, and (used to) play piano, and drive around aimlessly and eat lots of ice-cream and I EVEN SLEEP SOMETIMES. Just not at night. Ahem.

Point is, I do all this other stuff that has nothing to so with writing or reading or blogging. I mean, yeah, sure, I do spend a ton of time reading. And if I have the urge to write, then I'm going to be at my laptop typing within three seconds of the thought, simply because 99.9% of the time, I won't want to. And I do go visit my librarian to talk books and authors. But I do have a life. And sometimes I think we forget things like that.

Unless a blogger adds tons of pictures of their outside life, the only place I can think of them is in front of their computer, typing up witty and thoughtful and advice-filled posts. And when a few days goes by and they haven't added anything new, I get frustrated because where is my new wittythoughtfuladvice-filled post? Why are they not realizing that I want something new? All they do is sit there! But, you see, that isn't true.

And authors. People get upset when authors tweet or blog about some vacation they go on, because they want a new book N-O-W NOW. What they don't understand is that a writer can't kick out words every moment of every day of their whole lives. Without those vacations and trips and naps and lunches, they have nothing to write about. You sometimes forget that authors have lives outside of writing.

And, I'll be honest, sometimes that's a jarring fact. No one wants to think about some of their favorite people taking time out of their day to brush their teeth and clean the house and draw.

And some of you may very well choose not to acknowledge this fact. Some of you may continue to throw mini-fits when you don't get a book or post when you think they should come. And that's cool with me; I won't stop you. I just encourage everyone to think about all the fun things you like to do, and then imagine someone being mad at you for doing them.

Yeah. What now, PUNK?

What do you do outside of your online-reading-writing life? Share! I'd love to hear about what you like to do.


Sam said... What?
Between debate and school and books and family and friends, there really isn't one.

Lauren said...

This is so true! I'm on ff and everyone is always asking for me to update on the stuff I'm writing, but I don't have time a lot of the time. it's sorta frustrating but I guess that that.

good post Maggie! I love FTP by the way!!

Maggie said...

Sam: Debate, school, family and friends all count though. :)

Lauren: Thank you! And yeah, the FF people can get impatient sometimes, but I usually just have a problem with posting, so they have good reason. :P Who are you on FanFic?

MoonShine0819 said...

wow we do have alot in common though, i have the same name as you, goes/writes on, and draws! well, i have alot of friends, i go swimming, go to the library, play piano, and mostly get yelled at by my mom! heheheh

Maggie said...

Moonshine, WE HAVE THE SAME NAME? Maggie!? YAY! That always tickles me. Except when another Maggie is in my class, in which case it's annoying. But you are on my blog! Therefore I am happy. We do have a lot. I play piano too. And Mom's always yelling at me. :P