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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guest Post! - Sam of OneSparklingStar


My dearest, bestest, most amazing friend Sam is here to guest post! Sam is a writer, currently querying agents for her book, which I have read (be jealous). She was voted Top 5 on inkpop in March. Her blog also has loads of stuff that makes you want to kiss it. I do so frequently.

This is a notably cool moment because I get to introduce her to all of my lovelies, so let's make her feel welcome! (With this, I give you permission to cuddle her. Ahem.)

I am not a particularly good friend.
Oh wait. That made me sound really bad. Crap. Gimme a second. I want you to like me. –offers you shiny smile-
. . . You aren’t buying it. I can tell. The smile doesn’t have you fooled; Maggie has smart readers. That’s mildly annoying.
-ponders how to (trick) explain to Maggie’s followers-
Okay. I’m ready. I’m not a very good friend sometimes. You’re rolling your eyes, aren’t you? Oh, shut up, don’t deny it. I know you are. That’s okay. I’m kind of rolling my eyes too. None of us can be very good friends all of the time. But me? I have a pattern. And I bet you have it too. It’s a dirty little secret of writers, or people who want to be authors, the rattling nasty skeleton in the closet. See, I’m not a very good friend when I’m in the middle of writing.

I turn into that. Cept not nearly as cute.
I want to be an author. I want to be able to say ‘LOOKIE COOL I AM AWESOME’ and I want to have something that says I might have not spent all that practice in vain. And I’ve done okay. I have revisions requests for a novel. I’ve spent the last month battling with it. And I do mean battling.
But here’s another ratty skeleton; it scares me to have to start a story over. And when I’m scared, I take it out on my friends. And mostly, I take it out on Maggie. Because, well, she’s good to whine to. (OMG don’t tell her I told you that. It was so not me. –shifty eyes— But, ahem, should you need to whine to someone . . .)
And that is why I’m not a very good friend. I whine. A lot. And my life revolves around a story I made up in my head. It’s turned into ohcraptheagentmightnotlikethisandihatetheworld. And so I never shut up about it, and I don’t pay much attention to anything else. And then I start to realize; I’m kind of acting like a fail. Actually, I’m really acting like a fail. I want to be a good friend. I really do. But . . .

I turn into this. Clingy. Not very cute. Somewhat annoying. Okay, fine. A lot annoying.
But . . . I mean, I think it keeps me sane.
We all love to write or read. At least, I assume you do. (And if you don’t, go away. I don’t like you.)
(I’m kidding. Seriously, come back. Maggie will kill me if I lose all of her followers.)
And sometimes, that love gets kinda insane. We forget that there is a world outside the one inside of our head, because come on – the world in your head has unicorns. Do you see any unicorns out here in the real world? Cos, just saying, but I don’t.
Wait. You see unicorns? Okay, dude, email me. We need to talk. Maggie stole mine. (That’s why I don’t see it anymore. Just so you know.)

Anyway. Back to the point.
You need friends to ground you. See, even though Maggie is totally willing to ride the unicorns with me, she also is likely to point out that I’m about to jump onto something that only I see. And that perhaps would not be intelligent. She points me to the totally real and almost as shiny dolphin or something equally fabulous and off I go. She knows when to let me rant. When to let me hit her with a pillow. When to tell me to shut up, build a bridge, and just cross the freaking thing.
(Actually, lie. She never lets me hit her with a pillow. In fact, if I so much as put a hand on the pillow, there shall be death. And possibly duct tape.)
Maggie is the person that grounds me. I mean, family can try, but I think anyone who is going through the writing process NEEDS friends like that. Friends that grab you by the ankles when you decide you are gonna go flutter off to Saturn (Or Pluto. Because Pluto is still a planet and don’t you say different) and point you back in the direction you should be going. Or perhaps they’ll let you go to Pluto, but they’ll make sure you don’t get stranded there, with only the creepy Pluto monkeys to stay with you.
You need someone who is going to be a good friend to you, even when the crazy evil awesome world of writing makes you into a not so hot friend yourself.
And possibly, you need someone who will occasionally let fly to Pluto with you. Or ride a unicorn. Or hijack their blog or even stay up and whine about why Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask take fifty freaking episodes to get together.

(Someone who also understands your need to occasionally break out singing the Sailor theme song is good too. Because seriously. Who doesn’t want to be Serena??)
(And someone who deals with your insane love of parenthesized comments.) (Aren’t they fun?)
But mostly, you need someone who can deal with you when you are at your most annoying, whiny, emo self. If that doesn’t happen, you will go insane.
And nobody likes insane people, do they?

Isn't she great? She's great.
Thanks for posting, Sam!


Liam said...

This is me cuddling and showing love, however awkward and creepy that may be. Hey. I just do what The Maggie says.

Meh. I wish I could be like Grumpy Kitteh. I get Distracted. Capital D, thanks.

Ooh, a unicorn!

Sleepy Kitty said...

This post made me laugh and then think - yes this is me also. My poor neglected hubby is now totally used to me disappearing off into the world in my head and being generally... grouchy (yes that't the polite term) when interrupted. (It goes along the lines of "Yes? What do you want? Oh! You are offering food? Thanks. Now go away. Yes I love you to... Now what was I writing?")

Anyway! Loved this post. I think my unicorn ran off with the cats. It comes back in to be fed occasionally (just like the cats). Still I gots me a dragon.

Hugs and cuddles to both of you!

Maggie said...

Liam: Heh, I didn't realize how creepy that is. Oh well. The more awkward the better, I suppose. And I'm right there with you. I'm always distracted too. :)

Sleepy Kitty: OMG when I get married, my husband will hate me for just that reason. :D Unicorns do tend to roam. Dragons are reliable though, right? I love mine. He likes to scare the dogs sometimes, but he's pretty adorable.

Sam said...

Thanks for letting me hijack your blog, dear.
But Jace is mine. So there.