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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mockingjay (by Suzanne Collins)

About the Book:
Do I seriously have to write this? I refuse.

My Thoughts:
I'm a little late in the game to be posting this, but... eh. I don't care. I must spread my superior thoughts across the interwebz in order to be happy in life. *snort* In related news, spoilers are contained because, has anyone NOT read the book yet??

Ahem. This book left me so emotionally drained, I don't even know what, exactly, I feel toward it.

Honestly? I'm not sure if I liked it. I mean, I liked it, but I didn't at the same time. I'm kind of having the Forest of Hands and Teeth feel. You know, I loved it, but I hated it more. Multiply this feeling times three thousand, and you have a smudge of what I've been feeling the week.

I had left from school, straight to the store to buy the book. I spent the rest of the night reading. I then stayed up latelatelate, just thinking. I've been thinking about it nonstop actually. Mockingjay is just one of those books, I think, that are supposed to, are meant to, keep you thinking for days on end. The writing was wonderful, like always. Buts it's truly the emotion that's highlighted so well in this one.

Katniss is broken, and strong, and sad and happy and furious and depressed and willing and cautious. She's everything--everything--that a girl would be in her circumstances. She's very real, very relatable with these emotions. But she's also so freaking amazing still; she completely sticks it out, the whole way, even when she feels like giving up. I think over in the first two books, she grew, but nothing compared to the emotional change she had in this one.

Thinking of the three books, Mockingjay just doesn't have the same feel as the first two, to me. It was much more violent, even a little gory. I can almost appreciate this, because the whole concept of this one is war. Suzanne Collins does an excellent job at describing and truly showing the consequences and happenings and changes that can occur with war.

However, I think that's what turned me off. This was literally nonstop violence, totally all on-screen. When characters would die, we wouldn't even have a chance to mourn the death (FINNICK) before others were being hacked away. Also, we were introduced to practically a whole new cast of characters, all of which were nice to read about, but I wasn't really feeling anything for. Like I said, I really feel as if Mockingjay was just a different book from the other two. They didn't mesh, for me. I'm honestly not too sure what I was expecting for this one, but what I read wasn't it.

Katniss, although awesome, seemed to be in a daze throughout half the book. (Dang, that girl just could not catch a break!) Peeta isn't truly Peeta to me anymore. Gale was so irritatingly mixed with good and bad. None of the characters felt the same. Except Haymitch, but he wasn't mentioned much to have been such a big part of the first books. I know absolutely no one would be the same after two years of Hunger Games, and an occuring war, but it was all just so different.

To finish it off, I was hoping for Katniss to pick herself back up at the end. Not right off, but sometime. But I don't think she really did. I think she was so, insanely broken, that it was truly impossible for her to be her former strong self. I guess the epilogue was supposed to have given some type of hope, but all I felt was sad. I wasn't happy her and Peeta ended up together, wasn't happy they had kids. I was just sad. I felt like hope was completely eliminated with Prim's death, because her sister is basically everything she was fighting for to begin with.

I don't know. It was a wonderful book, but I didn't love it like everyone else seems to. It wasn't the writing that was bad, but just my thoughts on the situations. I think I might have pumped myself up too much for this one, and inevitably created my own letdown.


Caitlin said...

FIIIIIINIIIIIICK!!!! *sobs hysterically, while also drooling at his hotness, even in death*

I totally agree with everything you just said. Perfection, really. I think Mockingjay was just on too high a pedastool for most people, which sucks, but is to be expected. It wasn't overly mindblowing or terrible, it was kind of just ... there. :S

I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling a little disheartened for the future of mankind!

Liam said...

The Epilogue.
Holy cows, the Epilogue.


And more tears.

And then shouting.

And then the necessity to leave the house so I could do more crying and shouting.

But mostly shouting.

And what was up with Gale and Two?

And it took three times reading it to get the Snow thing.

Sam Ripley said...

You've completely captured everything I want to say about the book in this post. I should just link people to this post instead of writing my own review, lol. So awesome.


Sam said...

-cries- Finnniiiccccck.
Who cares about anyone else?
-cries more-
Why couldn't she have had like, twenty pages of kissing happiness?
I know that wasn't the point of the book. But really. I would have loved it so much more. So much, so much more. She was so miserable the entire time. I get that it was war, but...still...

Maggie said...

Caitlin: I know exactly what you mean! And right after he got MARRIED. WTF. But yes, I thought it was okay, but it just wasn't what I was expecting.

Liam: Gah, the epilogue was practically what killed the book for me!! Well, sorta. It was insanely saddening. I was in the same situation as you for several days. The whole Gale thing was also depressing simply bc I had loved Gale. Sigh.

Sam Ripley: Link away! I'm happy to see we had the same opinion. :D

Sam: Twenty pages of kissing would have made my life. I'm just sayin'. Seriously, let's go back to the fact that Finnick had just gotten married. Was it truly need to have killed him? And Peeta is no longer my utter love-man. I MEAN REALLY.