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Monday, September 6, 2010

Maggie's birthday! (& Monday Music)

You are now reading a post created by the new and notably older SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD MAGGIE. Whoa. Is that back pain I'm feeling? Aching ankles? I am such an old woman.

Seriously though, I think today's a pretty awesome one and I am eagerly looking forward to eating my cake. Yum. Isn't that the best thing about birthdays? The cake? Who cares about being another step farther into your life. I want me some yummy.

As a result of the awesomeness, I have no school. (Because obviously classes are closed for my birthday. Labor Day isn't like, a big deal or anything. Psh!) And that means I'm actually remembering to post the monday music. Good things just keep rolling don't they?

(Like It's Her Birthday; Good Charlotte)

Fun Fact: It has the word 'birthday' in it. Also it is catchy. That's pretty much it. I promise I'm not getting wasted, BTW. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

And to make up for last week, here's another.

(Safety Net; Raining and OK)

Fun Fact: I want my next year to be filled with this song. Everything in it. :D

Have a good Labor Day!! And keep me in mind if you have any extra cake.


Sam said...


Mindi Scott said...

Happy birthday!

I'll be turning 33 next month. Which is, like, almost double your 17. (And, therefore, way super old.) :-D

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Happy birthday Maggie! I hope you had a great day and that you got tons of books!;) (What else would I wish for you, right?)

Maggie said...

Sam: WHEELCHAIR! But I thought we agreed that Taylor Lautner would carry me around...?

Mindi: 33 is in no way old! Actually, that's quite young. 7 is a bigger number than 3. :) Happy early birthday, and thank you! Your comment made my day. Can't wait for FREEFALL!

Sarah: Thank youuuu <33 I got a nook for my birthday, so there are plenty of books to come!! Suggestions for my first buy?