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Friday, September 10, 2010

Unexpected readers, aka surprises!

It's always oh-so very wonderful when you stumble upon something unexpected. Something so delightfully cool, that you just want to stamp it with a big I LIKE THIS A LOT sign.

In my case, the unexpected, delightful surprise was my Algebra III teacher.

You see, I hate math. With the fiery passion of a thousand hot boys. I'm good at math. I'm in advanced math, compared to the rest of my class. But I hate it. People who are willing to sit in front of a computer and write down things that they imagine in their head, for hours, without bathroom breaks, should not--I repeat NOT--be forced to do a 100 question review over the chapter. (That's just plain torturous, I tell you!!)

I completed my review the day before. I had all hour to do whatever, since I was finished. So, of course, the little (amazingly fantabulous) nerd that I am, I pull out my current read.

Who would have thought that my teacher would stop and sit down to ask me what I was reading?

Seriously, it was a pretty snazzy moment. Especially when she asked me if I'd read Hunger Games, and then went on to discuss Mockingjay with me. I can't even begin to tell you how cool it was to find out that my math teacher is a fan of several amazing YA titles. I mean, I even lingered in the room talking to her. In the Math Room. *shudder* That's seriously saying something.

That got me thinking about reading as a whole. It really brings people together, you know? You can find avid readers in unexpected places and people. And it's a fact that if you like a book they do, or dislike one, or have any type of opinion at all on one, whether you've read it or not, you'll be forced to become friends like that. Not even be friends, but once you find a comman ground with someone, it's kind of hard to not gush about something to them.

I'm not friends with my math teacher. Maybe I could be. But I hold grudges for assigning homework, for one, and I honestly don't think it's possible to actually be friends with a teacher, for two. But now I go up to her desk, and we chat about books we've read or heard about lately. And it makes math a TEENY TINY MINISCULE bit more bearable.

So now I turn it to you, readers. Do you think books bring unlikely people together? Have you found a friend by your mutual love of reading?


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

YES!! Books bring people together! And yes I know, I'm a librarian, I'm going to say that.

But you know what? As outgoing and social as I am with you guys (my awesome teens) I'm a pretty shy person. It took me a long time to be more social and then after living on my own for two years in a big city (Chicago, so yes, a very big city!) I sort of reverted back to my introverted shy self. But I can be outgoing and social at work because I'm talking about something I love and something I'm passionate about-books!

Whenever I meet people, I love when the conversation turns to books. I make my friends talk about books. I love it!:)

Amelia Robinson said...

LOL! Wow. That makes me think about my math teacher (I'm in Algebra II, my school doesn't have Algebra III; you go straight to pre-calc after Algebra II.) My math teacher is cool but you can tell that she isn't interested in the literary side of life. Sad, but true.

Man, I wish I had a connection like that with one of my teachers. Most of my friends don't read AT ALL. (Which makes me think, God what do they DO in their free time?)

It's so awesome that you've got that! ^_^ And I know what you mean about math. I hate it too but, in Geometry at least, I was really good at it. Which ticks me off even more. XD Me and my OCD self.

Great post! :)


Sam said...

Though, as for books bringing people together...We became a lot better friends when we started talking books and writing. That was what started the crazy emails.
I'd hug you or something, but I'm way too annoying that YOUR MATH TEACHER READS YOU LUCKY MONKEY

Maggie said...

Sarah: I'm always shy too, and talking about books will usually bring me out of that. And you would for sure know about how books bring people together! You help to do it! :)

Amelia: Ugh, math is my enemy. And it was a great surprise to find out my math teacher was a reader too, especially of YA! It's so hard finding readers, whether they're teachers or friends. What DO they do with free time!? It baffles me.

Sam: Bahah, I love my math teacher, actually. She's hard, but very nice. And yes we did! BOOKS FTW.