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Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Writing:

Zombie Nom Nom
-Sooner or later I'll actually decide on a name. Although it does have a ring to it like this, no?
-I finished a chapter that was only half through, but other than that, nada.
-Which is sad, because it's a fun one to write...

-Permanent hiatus.
-Seriously, this isn't really a priority. Dunno why.
-Although I still hold an intense love for my boys.
-Oh Talc... Piken... *swoons*

-But it's a really, terribly sucky first draft. I mean, seriously.

The Books:

Own, but haven't read
-After The Kiss (Terra Elan McVoy)
-Heist Society (Ally Carter)
-The Tension of Opposites (Kristina McBride)
-Eyes Like Stars (Lisa Mantchev)
-Forgive My Fins (Tera Lynn Childs)
-A Field Guide For Heartbreakers (Kristen Tracy)
-Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare)
-Grace (Elizabeth Scott)

Yes, I do have a lot to read. *dies*

A lot that I don't remember. Apologies!!

Have to read
A big list. I'm a Gateway Reader Selector and am working my way through the 26 books, giving them star ratings. I'll update you on those as they progress.

This Post Was Worthless

Because that's just how I roll.


Colene Murphy said...

Zombie Nom Nom made me laugh. I kinda like it lol.

Glad youre getting somewhere on your novels and looks like a good list of books that need reading too!

Maggie said...

Thanks Colene! I've always thought that Zombie Nom Nom would scare the crap outta people though, and then they'd be too nervous to pick up the book or else something might eat them. :P

Sam said...

Nommers is my baby.
That is all.