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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maggie's Monday (except on a Tuesday) Music (16)

A meme created by yours truly to share with the world good music, and hopefully make Mondays slightly less dreadful.

Bonjour, mes amours!

For those of you without a handy translater on their phone, that's 'hello, my loves' in French. FRENCH. Look at me, being all smart and bilingual. (Or, er, trilingual? I can sorta speak Spanish? What?) I'm adorable. I'm also sorry about being late with music.

In better news, it's almost Thanksgiving! Yum. The one time of year I can stuff my face with delicious foods and not feel bad about it. We only had two days of classes this week (today being the second), which makes me oh-so happy, and tonight I'm baking something that tastes good. I like food.

And finally, in OMG I'M ABOUT TO PASS OUT FROM AWESOME FANFREAKINGTASTICAL news, I saw Deathly Hallows and I loved it ohmygosh I loved it so much. :O

I'm marrying Rupert Grint. The end.

(For The First Time; The Script)

Have a good Thanksgiving!

Suggestions, comments, random awesome bits? Did you see the movie?!?


Molly Louise said...

WONDERFUL choice for a song. And I was wondering when Music Mondays were coming back. :)

Colene Murphy said...

Didn't Rupert grow up to be insanely delicious!? Gah. Love him. Glad you liked the movie!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Abby Minard said...

LOVED Deathly Hallows! So glad you did too! Sorry, I'm not really on the Rupert bandwagon...maybe if he cut his hair. Okay I felt old saying that. Anywho, have a great thanksgiving!

Maggie said...

Molly: I know, I'm doing terrible at the music thing lately. Hopefully when semester ends and finals and all that are over, I won't be quite so scatter-brained. And thanks! I absolutely love this song. :)

Colene: HE DID!! And I've never really been into him until now. I saw him on the screen and it was like... whoa. Major swoonage happened in the theater that day. :P Thanks, I hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Abby: It really was amazing. One of my favorite out of the movies, by far. And you might just have killed me a little by saying that, Abby. Just a little. *dies* Baha, thank you. Your Thanksgiving was great too, I hope!