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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RTW: Let's get crazy!

Road Trip Wednesday is hosted by the awesomelicious YA Highway, quite possibly the coolest blog next to mine. (Oh man, liessss.) In celebration for Kirsten Hubbard's Like Mandarin ARC GIVEAWAY WHAT, this week's topic is: explain a time you did something crazy!

So, it's time I tell you guys a secret. I'm not an exciting person.

I know. It's crazy and you're probably questioning your whole life now, but it's true. I am simply a boring person.

I know when you're a teen, you're basically entitled to do whatever you want, and instead of being weird, it's fun and thrilling and oh-look-at-those-teens-to-be-young-again. But I really don't feel like I've done many of those crazy things. I've always been kind of quiet and it doesn't bother me to be alone for hours reading. I'm more content to watch movies with my dogs than I am to go to parties. (Not that I'm not a PARTAY MASHENE. Or something.)

Anyways, I don't have a crazy adventure to share with you... -_-


Now, okay. Stop being mean, I know I haven't finished one quite yet, but I do find writing quite an exciting accomplishment. Especially the one I'm working on. I think it's a task that everyone should put on their crazy-list. Because it totally is, crazy I mean. We writers have to be out of our minds to try to sit down and crank out 50,000 pretty words that makes sense and have a purpose. Didn't/don't we have enough of that in classes? (Yes, yes we do. But alas...) Writing is what I find crazy, but I still do it.

Really, what makes my WIP such a great thing is that it's kind of my worst work yet. But I'm doing it. I'm actually, like, writing. Continually, for the most part. I've been sticking this one out even though I know that so far it's crap, and I'm still having fun with it. I don't mind it being bad, unlike the others, because I'm in love with the idea. And, if you know me, that's a huge deal.

I think it's one of the most exciting and crazy things I've done, because I know it's work, and I don't mind doing it. (she says, pounding her head with the keyboard in frustration) I'm really sticking this one out.

So there. That's my totally cop-out answer, in which I ramble the same thing over and over, and don't make much sense. Holla!

What about you? What's the craziest thing you've ever done, and would you be willing to do it over again? If my next project is half as much fun as this one, I would.


Also, on a side note, I'm insanely in love with Kirsten Hubbard and her book, which I've mentioned several times here, and so I get an extra entry on the giveaway (look at top of post!) for participating this week in RTW. Woohoo!

I think I'll start doing these though, because they supply the topic and all I have to do is answer! Easy peasy lemon squeazy, ya know? BTDubs, check out the interview I did with Kirsten right herez. :D


Aleeza said...

First comment! Yay! (I think is the firs time this has ever happened...)
So, anyway, OMG maggie, you totally have the same answer up there as what mine would be. I sort of didnt do the RTW this week because though I do, in fact, do crazy stuff all the time, stuff that could get me grounded for weeks and weeks, but not really crazy enough to write home about, or write a post about, anyhow.
except, ya know, tryna write a goddamn novel :D

Holly Schindler said...

I've given you an award:

Maggie said...

Aleeza: That's the same with me: I've done plenty of crazy things, but none quite worth writing a post about, grounding-worthy or otherwise haha. But yesss! Novel writing FTW! :D

Holly: Oh, thank you so much!! I LOVE AWARDS.