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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Awesome Stuff

First off, I've been thinking about giveaways.

I've collected so much swag lately that I just feel like I'm hoarding all of my stuff. And, technically, I am. But I have multiples of many things, and so I feel the need to share. Plus, books! What do you think? Good idea? I'm feeling like once I hit 100 followers (only 17 more to go! squee!), I'll celebrate with said giveaway. Comment with your thoughts, please.

Moving on.

I WILL have three or four reviews up soon. Including Last Sacrifice, Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, The Flash of a Firefly, and maybe something else. I'm slowly being able to read more often and so reviews will be made. Yay! Unless you don't like them, in which I battle between glaring and making sad-eyes at you.

Moving on again.

Since I don't have enough crap to write down for a legit Update Post, I will just say that Juniper has gone swimmingly. Although her antics are creating quite the drama. Zombie Nom Nom (I've given up on a title) has caught my attention again, and this makes me very happy. I forgot how much I love my MC, and how hot I envisioned my male lead to be.

And finally.

I just--I don't even know what to say. JUST WATCH THE VIDEO. Your life will be made. (I'm not kidding.) Also, be sure you aren't in too professional of a location, because this will make you laugh like a crazy person.

I think that's all for now. Have a good day! And check out Olan Rogers's youtube page. He's absolutely fantastic. Your day will be made with his videos.


Aleeza said...

wow--that's one VICIOUS reese's-possesive cat right there! haha. (did i spell reese's right? been ages since i had one. totally understood cat's protest against it's confiscation. :D)
anyway, the giveaway's a great idea! ive come across these giveaways where you get points for blogging about the giveaway, and points for following the blog...this way you might get to 100 followers faster. (100 followers!? woot!) but it kind of seems like bribing the people into following you. idk, it's up to you :)

Maggie said...

Aleeza: Baha, I'm absolutely in love with that video. And yes, you spelt it right. :P

As for the giveaway, I definitely don't want anyone to think I'm just bribing to get more followers or whatever. I'm thinking either when I hit 100--as a celebration!--or as a woo-hoo-it's-new-years! thing. Not sure yet. Depends on when I have money :P

Colene Murphy said...

Okay...I still really like the title Zombie Nom Nom...;) I mean, I would buy that...

Amber Riley said...

"I can smell your peanut butter lies from here" HAHAHA! I totally get it, Mr. Cat - Reece's are the bomb - you throw those candy canes!

That made my night. Thanks!

Abby Minard said...

Glad to hear you are back into writing! Woohoo for almost 100 followers!!

Maggie said...

Colene: And that, my friend, is why you are such an awesome lady. <33

Amber: Just spreading the candycane-throwing-cat love! Hah, you're very welcome. :D

Abby: I know, it's a time for rejoice! Baha, you've sky-rocketed in followers! So proud; you definitely deserve them. :)

Chris Phillips said...

French fry commentary + cat named Star Scream = Gold.

Maddie said...

Holy Reeses Mags! I love you....and we are practically related...through our interpretive dances. Its more than related...we, my friend, are like brothers....only closer ;)

Maggie said...

Chris: I KNOW :D

Maddie: We are like brothers, only GIRLS. It's deep. As for our dances... they're pretty much life-changing. *nods* <3