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Monday, December 20, 2010

Maggie's Monday Music (20)

A meme created by yours truly to share with the world good music, and hopefully make Mondays slightly less dreadful.

Hey, guys!

As you can see, there is no video up today.

Blame it on my mother.

//long awkward pause//

Well, apparently I've been on YouTube a tad much lately, and it's slowed our internet down to the pace of a snail. A really slow snail. One that's out of shape. Heh. And so my parents have banned me from the site. It's been a really painful few days.


If it counts, I still have the song title and artist. I would link to a video like a smartie, but I don't know which one to link to because MOM&DAD HATE ME. Er, because I can't watch to see if the video is good or not. I'm very sorry :(

(Impossible; Anberlin)

^^^ It looks so sad and lonely... ^^^

Hope your Monday's been swell!

Comments, suggestions, thoughts of rage?


Aleeza said...

NO YOUTUBE WHAAAAT!? so. freaking. UNFAIR. and how the heck did your internet speed slow down after you used too much of the goodness that is YT? never head of such a thing. it sucks to know such cruelty exists in the world.
so yeah, maybe im exaggerating a bit, but just the thought of being unable to waste time by watching totally useless videos of finnish men talking with their hilarious accents scares me. HAHA. j/k. but you get my point. :)

Amber Riley said...

no YouTube??? X_X
Awesome song though! This is one of my favorite bands. =D

I'll help you out since you've been banned! Here's the link -

Maggie said...

Aleeza: I KNOW, RIGHT? My exact feelings. And apparently the downloading of the videos slows it down or something; I don't even know. It's been terrible.

Amber: You are so amazing!! Thank you so much for the link! And I love this band too. You have an awesome book AND taste in music. :P

Abby Minard said...

Oh no! Silly parents ;p Sigh...hope you get it back soon! It's hard to live without it!

Sam said...

Lol, it kills my internet too.