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Friday, December 10, 2010

VA is over and I'm gonna cry now

I've been a ginormous fan of Richelle Mead and her Vampire Academy series for about a billion years now. I put it on my list of faves, and I'm always torn apart inside when I run across someone who doesn't like them, or just won't read them (luckily these people are few and far between!). I'm honestly so smitten for these books that I use the word 'smitten' when describing my love for them. It's some pretty intense stuff.

So, I'm both sad and happy to say that Last Sacrifice, the last installment to this six book series, is out and on shelves. Yes, I'm blogging about a book's release. Again. But technically this one's been out a few days! And it's so important that I point these out!

I even used to have two widgets that flashed about my love for the series and the two male characters. I couldn't decide who I liked more, so I had like, five different flashing things on here. I took them down, for obvious reasons, but it pained me to do so. Those of you that have read this series know that Dimitri and Adrian are two of the hottest guys to ever walk the Fictional Earth. I went there.

Anyhoo, I'll cut the rambling and say that I will probably have a review of Last Sacrifice up soon, but for now I send you to Frankie Writes, where the wonderful Frankie is having a giveaway for a SIGNED COPY of Last Sacrifice. She's oh-fish the coolest person ever. :)

Oh, and EEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!! I just had to get that off my chest. It's my thought process throughout the whole book. It, too, was quite intense.


Aleeza said...

The last-book-in-beloved-series problem! Ahhh. I haven't read that many series but I remember reading the last Harry Potter book (I read them all together--yep, I was kind of late back then in catching book fevers) and going, 'I DID IT! I FINALLY READ THE WHOLE HP SERIES!' but at the same time I felt indescribably sad at having to part with a series that literally changed my life and made me feel like I BELONGED. (see, it WAS life-changing.) I often feel like penning elaborate letters to Rowling, begging her to continue the series. (I think one day I might just give in.)

Abby Minard said...

I havent' read that series yet, but have always heard good things! I'll have to pick it up and add it to my TBR pile ;p

Sam said...

Maddison refuses to read this. She says they look cheesy.
I thought you should know.