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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I would have given anything to be like...

Today's the NON-blogfest day of Kirsten Hubbard's Like Mandarin blog tour. So I figured it'd be a great day be a part of the actual blogfest. Are you confused? Me too, a little. Simply: I'm going to tell you who I want to be like.

So, obviously this post emphasizes the fact that I'm still a teen. I guess I could tell you who I wanted to be like when I was 12 or 14, but honestly, I don't think that'd be very interesting. Actually, my answer to this statement now is still pretty unoriginal.

The one person I want to be like is actually Kirsten Hubbard.

If you've been following me very long, you probably already know this. I think she's beautiful and smart, and I'm jealous of basically everything she's accomplished. I want to travel like she has. I want to not be nervous about traveling like she has! I love the fact that she loves animals like I do, and I wish I was outgoing enough to experience some of the things that she's talked about doing.

I'd love to write like she does. I wish I could create setting as perfectly as her, and I wish I could write a story as strongly as hers. I hope that as I get older, I can grow more confident in my abilities, and also become more comfortable. I hope that someday I'll become a healthier vegetarian like she is. (I just can't give up my Sour Patch Kids, okay? Or my cherry Twizzlers. I just can't.)

Here, have some pictures.

I just like all the little things about her, which sounds very stalkerish, but is true. I'd give anything to be like Kirsten.

What about you guys? Who do you want to be like? Or who did you used to want to be like? Share!


Sam said...

I want to be like Kirsten, too. Or Myra McEntire. Or Sarah, for that matter. :P Or Meg Cabot. Or -- well. -enter author name here-

Aleeza said...

i cant believe i never thought of this earlier but...YES! Kirsten is fabfabfabfabfab! she makes a lovely idol, definitely.<3
unfortunately for me, i kind of looked up to a really snotty sorta person when i was a younger teen (tween, actually(. i actually just did a whole post about it some time ago in the RTW that was about the same topic. which brings me to: isn't this topic so much fun to discuss?

Kirsten Hubbard said...

thank you so much for participating, and this post, Maggie! so amazingly flattering, and humbling. (((HUGS)))

Maggie said...

Sam: *insert agreements and head nods*

Aleeza: I saw your post! I've been through that stage too, sadly. The snippy girl who believes she's prettier, funnier, smarter, better, etc, when she's really just a bit of an obnoxious bully. I think every t(w)een goes through that. And I LURVE discussing this! :D Glad to see I'm not alone!

Kirsten: This is the second time you've commented on my blog, holy giraffe. *wide eyes* Thanks for being amazing!