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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Makeover? Opinions!

Well, I made a new header and signs.

I think I'll keep the signs either way, because I'm quite fond of them, but what do you think of the banner? Yes, no? All of these pictures are either a part of my stories or me. So I like that, but I'm not sure if it actually looks good up. Hmm...

If I keep the new banner, I'll play around with the actual blog colors some. If not, I'll just change back.



Sam said...

I love the Twitter sign. Kind of passionately.
I'm biased on the header, though, because I know the meanings/correlations.

Colene Murphy said...

Love the signs and banner! What great additions to a great blog! The blue background doesn't seem to fit just right, but that's just my opinion.

Abby Minard said...

Love the pictures!! Very pretty :)

Aleeza said...

LOVE it--the new banner, i mean. and you should probably tinker a bit with the background though, to make it seem with the banner. up to you, of course :)

Maggie said...

Sam: It's my favorite too. And you do? :D

Colene: Thank you, thank you! And I agree, I totally plan on changing it. I just wasn't sure whether to keep the banner or lose it.

Abby: Thank you bunches <3

Aleeza: Thanks! Like I said, I plan on changing the colors, for sure. I think it looks odd with the blue and such right now, as well.

Sam said...

Some of them. :P At the very least I'm used to the pictures you like. :P

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Hi, new follower here! :)

And I agree that the header's pictures are very, very pretty. Just a small comment, but I think the first picture on the left (the pink one) is slightly larger than the others; like if you look at the top, it seems to a be a few pixels higher. Just a nit-pick though!

Maggie said...

Sam: Yay friendship!

Jenn: Hey, thanks for the new follow! You're awesome. It does look that way, but I actually had cut off the top and bottom of all of the pictures at once so they were all even. I think it's because of that little bit of white on the bus photo. Thanks for the concern and compliments though!