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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Break Things

I'm not literally breaking things, but...

I'm taking another break from blogging. I swearswearswear that I'll come back full-force, filled to the brim with reviews (A LOT of reviews) and writing things and updates. But I've hit the last month of school--that's how long my break will be, about a month--and this is when I start getting stressed out. I have to turn in my late math assignments, complete my design project, make up my poetry analysis presentation, do all the projects that I've yet to do in my ceramics class, get ready for all the dissections in bio and earth science (BTW, I find it COMPLETELY unfair that a vegetarian has to dissect anything that had nerve cells). Not to mention finals and my government end of course exam.

Bottom line: I'm easily stressed out, and this time of year pushes me toward an anxiety attack.

So that's why I'm taking a break. I know I've been a more than crappy blogger, and I'm so, so sorry. It's not just blogging I don't have time for anymore though; I haven't read or written in a while now. Only the things that I have to return to someone. I honestly can't tell you how bad I've felt lately, but I think this is the only way I can get through the month without freaking out. Come summer, you'll be sick of seeing my blog on your dash, I promise! In the mean time you'll always find me on Twitter.

Hugs and tea and spring wishes,



Anonymous said...

I hope you don't get an anxiety attack!!! ;) Don't worry, I understand that you're stressing and you need to take a break. :) It's fine! I'm sure your followers will still be here when you get back. :) I should be, anyway!

Anonymous said...

End of school year = HELL. Don't worry, I'm right where you are right now.

Hope you don't stress too much! Just keep thinking of summer vacation and I'm sure you'll manage to push through all of that work. Good luck!