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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm a copy cat. While I've always had fun creating make-believe covers, I haven't even thought about making a post out of them! But the lovely Aleeza made this post the other day, and now I'm inspired. Lucky you, huh?

I like simple things, mostly because my masterpieces on the computer would not be created if they were not simple. They all look a tad strange though after I made them smaller. Boo.

Do you ever create your own covers? For me it just gives me more motivation to finish--hopefully they'll get real covers one day! If you do, make your own post or email to me. I'd love to see!


Aleeza said...

yay, this post was awesome! i especially love the covers for bad sun, and juniper breeze. :D

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love them! Especially the one you made for "Juniper Breeze". Something about it just gives me a little jolt inside! <3

Anonymous said...

Oh, PS... if you want to see more book covers, a blogger I follow (Qui) posted some of hers not long ago. Here's a link:

Maggie Osborn said...

Aleeza: Your post was awesomer! You had so many creative ones, and you put a lot more work into yours than mine. I'm just really lazy. -_- Haha, anyways, thanks!

Taylor: Yay! Thank you! And thanks for the link too, I'm checking it out now :)