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Monday, June 13, 2011

The fun has arrived!

If you're a Disney buff, as I am, you will know that Terk in Tarzan says this. However, unlike me, you would know that Terk was supposed to be a girl. I always thought he was of the male variety, so this came as a shock the other night. Turns out Rosie O'donnell is the voice. How was I not aware of this??

Hello again!

I'm back in black (literally, I'm wearing black right now) and much too excited to be one with the blogoverse, where I've been terribly nonexistent. And also somewhat lonely. I love every single one of you; I've missed everyone so much!

So on my break, a few things happened. School ended and summer began. Last year I sent my ex-boyfriend (school) a hate letter, bragging about my new boyfriend (summer). School, Summer and I all have a very melodramatic relationship, so I'm skipping out on the letters this year. Instead I'm just going to say that I'm very happy to have time to read and write and blog and do frivilous things like bro-hug famous musicians (true story) (I'll tell you another time).

Anyways, I've decided I'll be back to a basic three post a week schedule. I can't garauntee that this schedule will be flawless, but I can garauntee that I'll be happy and won't stress over it, which makes me like blogging more.

Monday: Maggie's music! My favorite! It has my name!
Wednesday: Either something about my writing, writing in general, or just my life. Basically anything I feel like talking about. Sorry. I haven't really decided this yet.
Friday: Book review, just in time for you to go snag it over the weekend!

I like exclamation points in this post.

I know today is Monday, but I'm skipping music because I never chose a song. Wednesday will be a review because there's a blog tour I'm scheduled for (yay lovely authors). I made a major change to the bloggie again, by the way, if you haven't noticed. I'm nothing if not indecisive. Tell me if you like it or no. Anyway, I wanted to say I'm here once more, so everyone can rejoice. (I'm totally just kidding, please don't hate me!)

Here, this mama&baby giraffe should tie you over until I'm back~

So. Adorable. OMG(iraffe).

I'm so annoying. Thank you for putting up with me.


Anonymous said...

Um... I don't think I was ever sure whether Terk was a boy or girl, but I'm pretty sure I assumed boy. LOL!

Welcome back!

Maggie Osborn said...

Thanks, Taylor! I just figured that since s/he hung out with a bunch of boys that s/he was a boy. S/he just seemed boyish to me. Is that bad? That sounds bad.

Anonymous said...

:) I think most of the reason for me is that (maybe since I was younger), I couldn't tell by the voice. LOL! And Terk doesn't have any defining female characteristics - no big eyelashes or anything. Does that sound bad? I needed eyelashes to tell if Terk was a boy or girl! Yikes. ;)