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Monday, June 20, 2011

Maggie's Monday Music (27)

Today I'm on schedule! Cue the confetti!

(Thirteen Times the Strength; A Silent Film)

I've been forgetting to mention something about emails. If you had contacted me within, oh, the last two months (that's an embarrassingly long amount of time) and I had told you that I was on a break of some sort, or you never got a reply, would you pretty please email me again? My gmail is far too vast a valley to search through to all of you and I'm terrible lazy. I'm sorry, and I'm hoping to hear from you again! i'm so sorry i'm so lame omg why do you follow me i love you so much you don't even know let's get married or something is that awkward ok nevermind

Have a good Monday!

Any suggestions, comments, or completely unrelated things you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

Yay! You were on time! *confetti rains down*

I love how that video is set in the woods. :) It sounds like a song my sister would like!

I hope you had a good Monday!

Maggie Osborn said...

Thanks, Taylor! And I had an awesome Monday. <3