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Thursday, June 16, 2011

a nonsense post!

Well, I've started out swimmingly. Wednesday was supposed to be a review, but due to some complications I haven't yet read the book. Don't worry, I went over all this with everyone involved, so it isn't like I'm flaking.

Just to throw that out there.

To make up for it I'm gifting you with music. My schedule is pretty much crap at this point, so whatever.

(Ours; The Bravery)

I think I featured this song right before I ever started doing Monday music posts. It's from Eclipse, yes, but it's also by The Bravery, which is an amazing band. This is still one of my favorite songs by them. (They also have another song which is kind of big to my WIP, aka check it check it.) And I mean, seriously, listen to that voice. Just listen to it.

And for good measure, look at his face too.

Sadly, Sam Endicott is 37-ish, I think, which my parents don't approve of. They're so silly. They think a 20 year age difference is important. Naturally, I think that's pish posh.


Anonymous said...

LOL Great song! Funnily enough, me and my sisters just watched "Eclipse" yesterday. Literally! Hehehe. :)

Aleeza said...

maggiiieee. hi :D

that header of yours? amazeballs. i absolutely ADORE it. and the whole blog look, actually. <3

anyway, that sam eliot guy? one word: hot. very. am about to check out the bravery. you have great taste in men (as proved before :P) and also great taste in music. just thought i'd let you know.

okay, yeah, that's it. *goes to listen and be blown away*

oh and by the way, what's swimmingly mean...? :|

Aleeza said...

that was supposed to be sam endicott. ahhhh, i hate making stupid mistakes like that. a lot. oh well, though. it's almost 4 am where i lives, so it makes sense...

Maggie Osborn said...

Taylor: Woot! I thought the Eclipse movie was actually pretty good. Much better than Twilight and New Moon at least.

Aleeza: Hi! Thank you thank you! I hope you like the band, and OMG isn't Sam just absolutely drool-worthy? Goodness. And swimmingly is kind of like smoothly. Things have gone smoothly. I don't know where that saying came from though, 'cause when you really think about it it just sounds funny. Anyways, it was meant to be sarcastic. My schedule is already off to a bad start. And this is a long comment...

Okay, bye!

Anonymous said...

I thought "Eclipse" was pretty good, too. :) I've liked them all - I liked "Twilight" better the second time around, but I've only watched the others once. They're all pretty good - however, the books are awesomer! ;)