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Saturday, July 16, 2011

maggie adoration

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Saturday to bring you breaking news--well, not so breaking, since everyone on the Earth's surface must know this by now.

Maggie has an endless amount of love for Maggie!

Maggie Stiefvater, mind you. Although I do love myself, I might love her a little more.

In the last few days I've finished Forever and The Scorpio Races, both by Maggie Stiefvater. Every time I read a new novel by her, or reread one of her books, I get overwhelmed with a big helping of love for her and her writing. Add on that I might be seeing her later in the month, and you've got one fangirl about to explode in giddiness.

More later, but know that I loved both of the books I read. Forever review probably coming this week. Eep! I have to go obsessively read through Ms. Stiefvater's blog archives for the 938,329,043 time, so I'll talk to you guys Monday. <3


Amelia said...

LOVE Maggie Stiefvater! (I decided against putting all that in caps, as it unsettles some people, you know.)

I can't wait to read The Scorpio Races. But wait! Doesn't that come out in October something-or-other?! EEK! *instant jealousy*

It's so awesome that y'all share the same name. :) My name, while awesome within its own right, isn't seen very often. :'(

Can't wait for your review! I start reading "Forever" next week! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Whoa, you get to meet her?! AWESOME! That's so COOL! Have an awesome time, and be sure to tell us about it! :D

Maggie Osborn said...

Amelia: I'm the all caps QUEEN. I wouldn't worry about that one :P Yes, The Scorpio Races comes out in October. I have an awesome librarian though. She lets me borrow her ARCs, and she knows how much I love Maggie's writing. (I can say Scorpio Races was my favorite of all of her books!)

I know a girl named Amelia! She's awesome :) Anyways, I hope you like Forever!

Taylor: Met her Thursday! She was awesome and amazing and SO FUNNY and SO NICE and did I mention amazing? ;)