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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Writing Woes

(Oh my gosh, I'm eating some kind of pasta thing which name I cannot remember. It is cheesy and delicious. You guys know how I feel about cheese. Like, I could probably live off of it and be happy with life. This has nothing to do with anything though.)

I've done a bunch of writing that really doesn't matter this last week. Started something, got to about 6k and I'm debating letting it die. I've got a firm idea on where it could go and what I could do with it, and already I'm feeling myself get attached to the characters and storyline.

Baby animals make everything better, so I've recruited them to be included in this rather discouraging post. Look at this little fuzzy headed baby!

It's just... guuuuys, I don't wanna work. I just want it all to poof onto my screen. Like magic! Pretty fairy magic that lets me not have to think things through! Ugh, writing is such a pain. I'm still trying to figure out why I submit myself to this torture.

I've written little bits to all of my stories, but I'm just not in the zone lately. I've hit a place in everything where I know what I want to happen... I just don't know how to get there. You know? I've hit these speed bumps before and gotten over them. Everyone is bound to get caught up in these nasty moments, no matter that you're working on your most prized, beloved work.

This is what we call an adorable flowered duckling, my friends.

It seems a tad unfair sometimes. We work our butts off for something that may not even happen to begin with*; why on Earth should we have to have frustrating moments like these? You know how writers back in the day were known to be crazy?

Yeah, that's why. Because we get so immersed in our work that when we don't know what to do, it feels like the world might be ending. Our characters' lives suddenly have a gap. If they have a gap, then does that mean we have a gap? That's probably why we're willing to sit in front of our computers for hours. Because our brains have gaps.

But we can take advantage of these gaps! We use these gaps to fill with different knowledgey bits. Things that don't matter, not really, when it comes to the Big Picture, but things that can get you through nonetheless.

It takes a lot, but that's the only way to get things done. It may be terrible, your worst work to date, but at least you have it done. Your first draft will always suck. Always. I am a firm believer in first draft suckage. I mean, sure, there are those oddballs who can crank out an awesome story in a week, but it's not like we like those people! (Kidding. We just get veryveryvery jealous.)

Why are baby animals so much cuter than baby children? Seriously. Human babies have nothin' on these little awkward jointed sweetcakes.

But you power through it. You write. Your first draft of anything, whether it be an entire scene or just a paragraph, can always be made better. So don't worry about those problems.

I know I still have to work on this. I get discouraged easily and if I'm not able to get through something quickly, I turn mopey and depressed and "You are a teenager, why do you even bother, your cat writes better stories than you ever will, JUST GIVE UP ALREADY."

And that is something that I simply do not enjoy. I've got to allow myself room to write down some kind of crap so I can continue on with better scenes. Ones that are exciting and contribute to the plot and involve kissing! The fun ones!

Anyways. I went from a couple paragraphs about my writing woes to this. But maybe now I'll be able to get somewhere.

Well, hopefully.

Probably not though.


In happier news, Sam and I are going to see Maggie Stiefvater tomorrow!! I'll fill you in on it all next week. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures between my fangirl squees.

Have a good weekend!

*Psh! Of course we'll be published! We are too crazy and determined to not be!


Aleeza said...

guesss whaaaat? i finished my very first ever first draft today. like, THE WHOLE FRIGGING THING.

i can't believe i actually did it. i mean, for more than three years now i've been writing crappy uncompleted drafts, feeling like a loser...but somehow i managed to get this one down, by sheer perseverance, really. :P

that's not to say it doesn't suck. hell, the draft needs to much polishing i get exhausted just thinking about it. but now i have at least SOMETHING to polish, you know?

(am i even making any damn sense?)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, have fun seeing Maggie Stiefvater tomorrow! Just gotta say that first. ;)

Now, onto the WRITING... I know what you mean. For the novel idea I just came up with, I had to tell myself to STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT PERFECT, YOU CAN EDIT IT LATER FOR GOODNESS SAKES! Writing can be a pain. But I love love love it anyway. ;)

Oh, and as for publishing? Here. Encouragement:

Amelia said...

I'm right up there with ya. :) I've got thirty pages of notes and what? Not even 1k. Actually, I haven't started yet. Welll...technically, I have. I have two versions that aren't what I want at all that share roughly 8k between them.

Anyways. Crapcrapcrap.

I was going to go see Maggie Stiefvater next week, but plans fell through. -___-

My advice for getting the writing spur? Read a really really REALLY crappy book. Whenever I need to get in the zone for BETTER writing, I read a crappy book. In my mind, I'm pointing out everything that could have been said better and that gets me to write better. :) Sometimes *listening* to great writing (like J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter audiotapes), it rubs off on me a bit and helps.

Ever need a writing buddy, lemme know. :) I've never had one but I've heard they're fun.



Maggie Osborn said...


Taylor: Thank you! I saw her Thursday and she's so amazing. I'll have a post about it Wednesday, hopefully. As for the writing, I have to do the same thing. Thanks for the encouragement link!!

Amelia: Sorry for the plans falling through :( And also those stinky stories that you just can't figure out how to write. I'm completely with you on the read crappy books thing though! It also does good for making me feel somewhat better on my chances to ever get published, as bad as that sounds.

Writing buddy! I've never really had one either. I have Sam, but we're real life friends too, so I just kind of force her to be my writing bud. Haha, we'll have to talk further about that!