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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

so this one time


This one time.

I met a bunch of authors and sort of almost died.

In my last post I had mentioned something about an RT Convention and that I was attending one. Well, I did attend, and I met a ton of my favorite authors.  In the process of meeting them, I made a complete fool of myself due to this thing where I get really star-struck and awkward and so I just stare and then blurt out, "I'm kind of in love with you," like a creep.

That's what happened when I met and got a photo with Stephanie Perkins. I'd post it but I am ashamed of the weird-happy-dazed look I had. Also my hair. The picture says I could have really used a brush. My hair always decides to act up before important things. Stupid hair.

(Needless to say, I'm framing it and hanging it on my wall.)

(The picture, I mean. Not my hair.)


It was the first convention that I've attended and I was surprised by the sheer amount of just... nice that radiated off of everyone there. Book people are so cool, you know? I had kind of forgotten that in the time that I was at school. Textbooks are not fictional YA novels.

And it sucks.

After the signings, I attended a few sessions of speakers. They had so many smart things to say about not only their writing processes, but just being an author in general, which was really nice. I'm continuously awed by how creative and interesting these people are. Like, I'm not that creative OR interesting. In fact, I could make you a pretty hefty list of things that authors are that I am not. And I witnessed these things in person, so I know. 

(Oh. Speaking of creative, interesting people, I'm just gonna mention really quickly that Myra McEntire recognized me from twitter. I almost passed out and died. Her accent is perfect and she's gorgeous and god, she's funny. I LOVE YOU, MYRA.)

The good news is classes are out for the summer and the only thing that's going to be taking up my time these days is a job. Which means I'll have many an hour for writing. To say I'm excited would be putting it lightly.

How about you? Have you been doing any cool bookish things lately?

Also, please tell me I'm not the only one who freezes up in front of authors. Even if I do ever make it to be one, I'll never be able to go anywhere because my creepiness will ALWAYS BE KILLING THE VIBE.



Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

Haven't gotten to meet any of my favorite authors face to face yet, but it sounds like you had an amazing time (even though your hair went a little crazy)! Yay for you! :)

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...
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Sam said...

It's actually incredibly creepy how much I enjoyed meeting Myra. Everyone else, too, but her in particular.