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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

places i like to hide

It has been approximately seven point three million years since we've last spoken, and so a mediocre amount of things have happened.

  • At the beginning of the month, I turned twenty-one. (I still instictually call myself a teenager. I'm having a hard time grasping the term adult.)
  • My favorite and most loved dog, Jasper, passed away in November last year. It may sound silly, but it's crazy how much I learned from a little Sheltie dog.
(I'm sure that in his doggy heaven there's constantly a nice cool breeze to blow through his fur. He was such a model.) *

  • I had my life altered by a music festival, of all things, and have since been encouraging others to attend. So, uh. You should attend. I'll even help you with your face paint.
  • I've transferred to a different college, one smaller and closer to home, where I feel more comfortable. Mizzou was a lovely school, but sadly, not for me. (I do miss its squirrels though.)
  • Speaking of college, I'm a junior now. Still a Creative Writing major. Still battling off the awkward and rudely pointed question: "What kind of work can you get with that major?"
I'm sure a ton of other things have happened, but since it has been approximately seven point three million years, I couldn't even begin to recall them.

And since I clearly am not disciplined enough to keep this blog going consistently, I've decided to go ahead and leave some links to places where I creep.
  1. twitter (my love affair with yelling out pointless information will never die)
  2. instagram (i don't post here often, but i do plan on trying to get into it again!)
  3. my email (like, duh)
  4. i also have a facebook and tumblr that you may have if you ask politely 
As far as my email goes, I'd love to hear from you, but I'm afraid I will not be accepting review requests. This includes interviews and promotions as well. I feel awful having to turn people down because I haven't thought to write here about it earlier. I simply don't have the time what with school and work and the naps that get me through the day. I apologize. I'm sure I'll come back to Juniper Breeze fully amped and will let you know when I will begin accepting them again, but until then, I'm officially closing up my review cabinet.

The matter is, I do miss blogging, but life right now is busy. It's something I've come to terms with. College basically owns me, and I do little writing outside of classes. Luckily enough, specializing in creative writing allows me some outlet outside of all the essays and nonfiction that are package-dealed with being an English major. I'm working on a short story--the byproduct of one of last semester's projects--that I might try my hand at publishing. I've lost the frantic need to publish early in life and on a grand scale and come to terms that being an author is a slow process kind of dream, at least for me.

But I'm still trying my had at one day fulfilling it.

Peace out, babes. I'll talk to you later.

*I didn't mean to depress anyone, it was just an important event in my life! Here is a very compelling video of dogs who don't know how to handle cats stealing their beds to make up for it. You're welcome.