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review policy

So, what interests me in a book?

I accept YA books for review. My favorite genres are contemporary, paranormal, and horror. Of course, I'm open to other genres as well, and there's no telling what I'll fall in love with if. I will accept books from all publishers. I do not accept nonfiction or self-published books.

But what's a review like?

A review will consist of:

1. A book description, typically taken from the back cover or inside flap of the book.
2. An image of the book cover.
3. A 3-5 paragraph review which shares my opinions regarding plot, setting, characters, description, cover, or anything else I take note of.
4. A link to the author's web page.

If you'd like me to specifically rate a book, be sure to mention so beforehand please!

I can't guarantee a positive review since I strive to be honest in my assessment of the book. I will not hesitate to point out things I do and do not like.

On promotion:

If you'd like me to promote your book, I'd prefer if I were supplied a copy to read beforehand, please.

As for giveaways, physical giveaways depend on the circumstance, but I am more than happy to do online giveaways (codes for e-books, etc).

And if you'd like to be featured, interviewed, the likes, I'd be delighted to do so!

Finally, I, myself, am willing to do interviews, guest posts, and/or other random things as long as they're not illegal or inappropriate! I love talking about myself. It makes me feel special.

Any further questions, book recommendations, comments, concerns?

Email me!

Email: juniperbreezeblog (at) gmail (dot) com

Also: Sometimes I lose my head and forget I haven't replied to an email. Feel free to re-email me after a few weeks if you would like a response and haven't gotten one. And sorry in advance if this is the case!